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Third Party Cybersecurity Compliance Certificate |

Your partnership with Saudi Aramco is just a step away.

If you are already part of or are looking to be part of the Saudi Aramco supply chain, you are obligated to show that you are in compliance with the Saudi Aramco cybersecurity certificate. We are Aramco cyber security consultancy service providers in Saudi Arabia with operations all around the country including locations like Riyadh, Jeddah and Al Khobar. Veuz offers your company a straightforward, secure, and methodical process to verify your compliance with Aramco's industrial guidelines and procedures and offer total assistance throughout the procedure.

What is the Saudi Aramco cybersecurity certificate(CCC/CCC+)?

Saudi Aramco, the world's largest integrated oil and gas company, introduced the Aramco CCC and CCC+ certifications. These certificates are designed to ensure that your business operations satisfy Aramco's stringent quality, security, and environmental demands. It also assures that all third parties (Aramco suppliers) meet the cybersecurity standards outlined in the Third Party Cybersecurity Standard (SACS-002) and have a minimum level of cybersecurity.

cyber security certificate
cyber security compliance certificate

What is the purpose of a cybersecurity compliance certificate?

The main purpose of the Saudi Aramco cybersecurity certificate (CCC or CCC+) program is to ensure that all third parties affiliated with Saudi Aramco follow the cybersecurity requirements outlined in the third party cyber security standards (SACS002). Our purpose is to guide your company in achieving the greatest levels of quality, security, and environmental efficiency by ensuring that your business operations adheres to Aramco's strict industrial standards.

Our Process

Our expertise at acquiring the Saudi Aramco cybersecurity certificate for businesses have transcended us as one of the best Aramco cyber security consultancy service providers in Saudi Arabia. This has let us develop the perfect process for your business to help you adhere to the Saudi Aramco's standards.

01. Initial Assessment

We do thorough evaluations of your operations to make sure they meet Aramco's standards. Our services leave no details behind, including quality, safety, and environmental efficiency. We also pinpoint any vulnerabilities and security gaps in your organization.

02. Implementation

We guide your businesses to foster and implement Saudi Aramco cybersecurity compliance certification systems that comply with Aramco's guidelines and procedures. This involves developing policies, procedures, and processes, performing risk assessments, and implementing corrective actions into effect.

03. Documentation

We maintain thorough and precise records of all of your cybersecurity policies, processes, and practices. These records will be necessary for the certification and assessment processes.

04. Compliance with Standards

We make sure that your cybersecurity procedures comply with all relevant standards and regulations, including those set down by Aramco.

05. Training

The best line of defense often originates from the individuals in charge of an organization's actions. We provide comprehensive training with our security professionals aimed at helping your team in equipping with the latest techniques to combat various cyber assaults in order to ensure employee resilience and vigilance against cyber security dangers. Our guidance helps them in a way that they can properly understand Aramco standards and learn to implement them effectively at their workplace. This includes training on policies, procedures, processes, and best practices.

06. Collaboration with Auditing Firm

On behalf of your business, we work closely with the authorized auditing firm that Aramco selected. This firm will be very important to the certification process because it will be handling the official assessment and certificate issue.

07. Continues Support

We offer ongoing support to help you maintain your Saudi Aramco cybersecurity compliance certificate. This includes troubleshooting issues, optimizing your operations, and ensuring ongoing compliance with Aramco's requirements. So, relax and we will be right here if you need any help.

Why Choose Our Aramco Cybersecurity Certificate Service?

It is very important that you choose a firm that can provide a highly personalized service for your business since the certification process and requirements are different for different businesses. That is where we come in, providing services customized to your unique requirements. Here is why you should choose us:

saudi aramco cybersecurity compliance certificate

As one of the best Aramco cyber security service providers in Saudi Arabia, We have unrivaled expertise in the field and can promise that your projects are handled with the utmost precision and care.

cyber security certificate aramco

Explore the various customization choices we offer, all of which are designed to deliver your organization with the perfect blend of personalization and cost-effectiveness, exclusively aligned with your firm's critical objectives.

ccc certificate aramco
High Quality

We deliver outstanding services that ensure your project's success and your operations adhere to comply with Aramco's exceptional quality industry standards.


We offer competitive pricing for Aramco services without compromising quality, making it an affordable solution for your business.

How to get Aramco CCC or CCC+ in Saudi Arabia?

Achieve your Saudi Aramco cybersecurity certificate effortlessly with our comprehensive step-by-step guide. Our user-friendly process ensures that your business is fully compliant and registered with Saudi Aramco, so you can focus on what you do best. These steps are as follows:

01. Requirement Certificate Preparation

To register with Saudi Aramco, organizations must comply with the "A. General Requirements" part of the Third Party Cybersecurity Standard (SACS-002). Companies with active procurement relationships should request Saudi Aramco proponent organizations to complete the Third Party Classification Template and Confirmation Letter. If a firm falls under multiple categories, follow cybersecurity rules based on the classifications. Determine credential type and assessment requirements. Only CCC+ will be accepted if both CCC and CCC+ are required.

02. Conduct Self-Compliance Evaluation

For CCC+ certification proceed to step #3 (As this part is only applicable to CCC). Fill out all fields on the Third Party Cybersecurity Compliance Report, including supporting documentation. Ensure evidence is clear, accessible, time-stamped, and prominently displayed in screenshots. Only CCC+ will be accepted if firm categorization requires both CCC and CCC+. SACS-002 specifies all cybersecurity controls.

03. Choose an Authorized Audit Firm

Choose an Authorized Audit Firm , establish a contract, and follow SACS-002 cybersecurity controls for assessment verification.

04. Compliance Verification & Issuance

Before assessment verification, submit the Third Party Cybersecurity Compliance Report, Third Party Classification Template, and Third Party Classification Confirmation Letter to the Authorized Audit Firm. The report will be generated after verifying the provided documents. Arrange for an on-site compliance check with the Authorized Audit Firm, who will prepare the report. The company will receive a Third Party Cybersecurity Compliance Certificate if it achieves 100% compliance with SACS-002 requirements. An organization must implement Non-Compliance Controls to achieve 100% compliance, as revealed by the Authorized Audit Firm. Verify assessment results and submit updated Third Party Cybersecurity Compliance Report.

05. Send in Issued CCC

Submit the obtained Third Party Cybersecurity Compliance Certificate and the Authorized Audit Firm's Cybersecurity Compliance Report to Saudi Aramco via the e-marketplace system.

06. Validity

The certification is valid for two years. If a new contract requires a different cybersecurity classification, obtain and submit a new certificate. Submit a new CCC before the two-year period ends. There will be constant updates between Saudi Aramco authorized audit firms.

Trust the process to us

Experience the finest Saudi Aramco cybersecurity certificate service with our experienced team at Veuz Concepts. With numerous happy clients, our expertise is all you need. Contact us right away and let's discuss how we can help you acquire and maintain your certification with ease.


1.What is the distinction between CCC and CCC+ ?

The CCC requires the third party to complete a compliance self-assessment against the scoped controls specified in SACS-002, and to have the compliance assessment package remotely verified by one of the authorized audit firms. This will be required for the remaining third parties who do not fit into the company's classifications. According to SACS-002, the CCC+ will need an onsite evaluation of the third party against the scope controls by one of the authorized firms. For third parties classed as Network Connectivity or Critical Data Processor, the CCC+ will be required.

2. How long is Saudi Aramco cybersecurity certificate (CCC) valid for ?

It is valid for two years once it has been issued.

3. What are the key requirements for Aramco Third Party Compliance Certification ?

Network security, access restrictions, data protection, incident response plans, compliance with cybersecurity regulations and standards, and staff awareness and training initiatives are among the major areas that are assessed.

4. Are there advantages for contractors and vendors in acquiring Aramco ?

Yes, there are several advantages, such as displaying their dedication to cybersecurity, improving their reputation as Aramco's reliable partner, and possibly creating chances to collaborate with other clients who place a high priority on cybersecurity and data protection.

5. Are there advantages for contractors and vendors in acquiring Aramco ?

Yes, there are several advantages, such as displaying their dedication to cybersecurity, improving their reputation as Aramco's reliable partner, and possibly creating chances to collaborate with other clients who place a high priority on data safety and security.

6. When is the best time for our business to renew the CCC Certificate ?

To ensure compliance, your business must submit a renewal application for the CCC Certificate before the end of the two-year validity period.

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