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How to create a sales order in Odoo?

Technology Blog | Software Solutions in KSA ,India ,UAE

The sheer number of sales orders that require to be processed and effectively handled increases as firms develop and expand. When dealing with different order types utilizing various systems, this process can easily become overwhelming. However, managing sales orders has never been simpler thanks to Odoo, with its business management

Why software testing is integral to quality assurance

Technology Blog | Software Solutions in KSA ,India ,UAE

Software testing and quality assurance play an essential role in the creation and upkeep of reliable software products. In this post, we will look at the basics of software testing along with quality assurance, as well as different testing approaches, their benefits, drawbacks, best practices, and future developments. Businesses and

Elevating Saudi Arabia through Web App Development

Technology Blog | Software Solutions in KSA ,India ,UAE


The digital landscape has changed the way businesses operate, and web application development has emerged as a crucial aspect of modern enterprises. In Saudi Arabia, the demand for web applications is increasing, driven by technological advancements and the country's thriving IT industry. This article explores the importance of web

How to enable portal Access in Odoo?

Technology Blog | Software Solutions in KSA ,India ,UAE

In today's fast-paced digital world, organizations must give effortless and safe information accessibility to their clients. Odoo's portal access is a perfect instrument for this purpose. It allows companies to provide their clients and clients with a read-only view of specific records or data stored within the Odoo database.


Code Review Done Right: Check out these best practices

Technology Blog | Software Solutions in KSA ,India ,UAE

Code review is a fundamental practice in software development that involves carefully analyzing code written by other developers. It is critical for maintaining code quality, spotting potential problems, and encouraging cooperation within a development team. In this post, we will look at best practices for efficient code assessment that can

How to Dockerize Odoo?

Technology Blog | Software Solutions in KSA ,India ,UAE

Docker's robust platform has completely transformed how applications are designed and deployed. Docker gives developers the ability to use lightweight, portable environments that run applications seamlessly across many computers. With Docker, you do not have to bother about installing any programs or libraries because everything is already organized into container


Technology Blog | Software Solutions in KSA ,India ,UAE

The media is currently intrigued about artificial intelligence and chatbots. More people are gaining access to usable and valuable AI applications as per ChatGPT's release by Open AI in 2022. They employ conversational user interfaces to communicate with programs like ChatGPT or chatbots for customer support. 

particularly with the phrases "chatbots" and

5 Vital methodologies to Software Development

Technology Blog | Software Solutions in KSA ,India ,UAE

Software development is an arduous task in itself, the process of designing, coding and testing can in turn be quite difficult.  Having a proper framework for managing software development can in turn help ensure a product of high quality provided on schedule,  that stays inside the allocated funds.Through this blog

Pair programming : Are Two heads better than one?

Technology Blog | Software Solutions in KSA ,India ,UAE

They say two heads are better than one. But is it true when it comes to programming? Let's delve into the unique art of pair programming. Whether having two heads to tango will benefit when it comes to writing code. 

Like every first step, let us aim to understand what

How Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) is vital to protect your business?

Technology Blog | Software Solutions in KSA ,India ,UAE

Whatever your business type is, no matter whether you're a big corporation or a small business you should be concerned about endpoint security. The risk of cyberattacks on endpoints has increased substantially as employees work from home more frequently and more and more devices are connected to business networks. Organizations

Artificial intelligence (A.I.) & Machine Learning

Technology Blog | Software Solutions in KSA ,India ,UAE

From Chatgpt3 to Google's new chatbot, the Bard, chatbot A.I. and machine language have entered the common vernacular too soon. A.I. (Artificial intelligence and Machine learning (ML) are now the two rapidly evolving fields that are changing how we interact with technology and each other. From AI-generated emails to ML


Technology Blog | Software Solutions in KSA ,India ,UAE

Human-centered design: Software design with the user at heart

The success of any software ultimately depends on the hassle-free design structure that has the needs of the user at its heart. This is where Human-centered design, a design approach that focuses on understanding and meeting the needs, wants, and limitations

OMG Cable and Cybersecurity: Understanding the Risks

Technology Blog | Software Solutions in KSA ,India ,UAE


In the ever-evolving world of technology, new advancements bring convenience and efficiency to our lives. However, there are times when these innovations can also introduce security risks. One such example is the OMG Cable, which has gained attention for its potential cybersecurity implications. In this article, we will delve

Live streaming: Propel your marketing, Go live!

Technology Blog | Software Solutions in KSA ,India ,UAE

Live streaming has become one of the key ways for businesses to stay in touch with their audiences. Whether it be promoting products or services, there are countless benefits to live streaming for your marketing efforts. Let's explore some key ways that streaming can help reach your target audiences and

Effective Steps to CRM Implementation!

Jan 13th 2023 Category : CRM
Technology Blog | Software Solutions in KSA ,India ,UAE


In today's competitive business landscape, companies strive not only to attract new customers but also to nurture and retain existing ones. One powerful tool that enables organizations to achieve these objectives is Customer Relationship Management (CRM). CRM encompasses a set of technological solutions designed to enhance business management and

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