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Maintenance Module Odoo 15

Mar 4th 2024 Category : Odoo

Organizations can efficiently manage and monitor their maintenance activities with the help of Odoo 15's comprehensive and user-friendly maintenance module. Users can plan, organize, and monitor maintenance chores for different equipment or assets on one single platform. This module makes it easy for businesses to track malfunctions, schedule preventive maintenance, inventory spare parts, and undertake cost analyses. The capabilities it provides, which serve to expedite the maintenance process and boost operational efficiency, include work order creation, task assignment, maintenance request management, maintenance history tracking, and reporting. 
An organization's maintenance operations and activities are comprehensively outlined in the centralized platform known as the Odoo 15 maintenance dashboard. Users can monitor and control schedules, tools, resources, and maintenance tasks with its help. 


The maintenance tab has two options: Maintenance Requests and Maintenance Calendar. 
Maintenance Requests: Users can initiate and oversee requests for repairs or inspections of equipment. For effective processing, these requests might be reassigned to technicians or teams. 



A new Maintenance request can be created by clicking the Create button. 


Maintenance Calendar: All planned maintenance jobs, such as upcoming inspections, preventative maintenance operations, and repairs, are shown in a calendar format on the dashboard. These tasks are easy for users to track and manage. 


Equipment Management: Users can keep track of assets or pieces of equipment that need maintenance in a database using the maintenance dashboard. It gives information on the location, name of the equipment, warranty details, installation date, and serial number. 


Equipment Management: Using a maintenance dashboard and a database, users can keep track of assets or individual pieces of equipment that require maintenance. It provides details on the equipment's location, name, warranty, installation date, and serial number. 
Configuration: Equipment Categories  

Various categories can be found along with their responsible person and company. It is also possible to create a new equipment category. 


Reporting and Analysis: To monitor maintenance performance, spot patterns, and make data-driven decisions, the dashboard offers a number of reporting and analysis capabilities. Reports on task completion rates, maintenance expenses, equipment downtime, and other topics are generated by users. 


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