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Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) & Machine Learning

From Chatgpt3 to Google's new chatbot, the Bard, chatbot A.I. and machine language have entered the common vernacular too soon. A.I. (Artificial intelligence and Machine learning (ML) are now the two rapidly evolving fields that are changing how we interact with technology and each other. From AI-generated emails to ML that now process online articles for fake news. 

Often Machine learning and A.I. are used synonymously; A.I. usually refers to the keen ability of machines to mimic and perform tasks that generally would require human intelligence, while ML ( machine learning is a subset of A.I. deals specifically with the development of algorithms that enable machines to study from the data that is presented to it. Deep learning is another subset vastly different as it is a type of ML that uses neural networks to perform complex tasks.


Key benefits of A.I. and ML 

The significant benefit of A.I. and ML is that they enable the automation of routine tasks that free human labor to focus on more challenging work. A.I. algorithms can do everything from diagnosing diseases to analyzing vast amounts of financial data to identify fraudulent transactions. Even in the time's covid, A.I. systems were crucial in tracking the infection rate and its spread.  

Another critical benefit of A.I. and ML is their ability to process and analyze massive amounts of data. They are not just quicker, but they can be more accurate than humans. This is particularly important in fields such as finance or healthcare. Even in the IT sector it can revolutionize the way decisions are made. Whether it be CRM (customer relationship management) softwares or ERPs Enterprise Resource Planning, all can benefit with the integration of AI with it. Data-driven decision-making can become crucial as A.I. algorithms can identify patterns and correlations in data that are often impossible for humans to make the correlation between.


The case of A.I. biases and its Disadvantages

Despite the numerous benefits of A.I. and machine learning, there are significant disadvantages or concerns about their impact on society. One of the most notable is the often disastrous potential for A.I. algorithms to make biased decisions based on the data they are trained on, either intentionally or unintentionally. This can often lead to discrimination against specific groups of people and minorities like women and people of color. One example is Amazon's bias against hiring women, as the training data used to select candidates based on past resumes preferred men as opposed to women.  A.I. and M.L.s role in data gathering and content moderation is increasing by the day. This can often be a challenge as, nowadays, A.I. bots are responsible for fake news and disinformation tactics of foreign powers. 


Nowadays, another great source of threat is the potential of A.I. algorithms to displace many jobs in critical industries. Human workers feel threatened in sectors such as customer service and manufacturing. While this may result in increased efficacy for many companies and long-term cost savings, it can have disastrous results in widespread unemployment and income loss for millions.

With Microsoft investing nearly a billion more dollars in Open A.I., we can expect widespread integration of their products across platforms in many of Microsoft's products. Such examples of A.I. Use cases are more and more widespread and are replacing jobs rapidly. 


Unrelenting march of A.I. technology 

Despite such concerns, the development of A.I. and ML technologies is not hindered. A vital factor here is the ethical frameworks that ensure that they are transparent, fair and respectful of human rights. 

Deep learning using neural networks to perform complex tasks is now a prominent area of A.I. and ML. Taking inspiration from the complex functions of the human brain, they work by training on many interconnected nodes and complex datasets that mimic the human brain to recognize patterns and make decisions on the input they receive. 

From Tesla's self-driving cars to advanced Image generating software such as D.A.L.L.E., deep learning has significant use cases in fields such as natural language processing and speech or pattern recognition. Another example of the power of deep learning is the development of A.I. algorithms that can understand and generate human speech, such as GPT3 and Google's new BARD AI. This has revolutionized the field of customer service, enabling companies to automate call centers and provide 24/7 support to their customers.

A.I. and machine learning are here to make a change and make it a lasting thing. As the use cases of A.I. are increasing rapidly, it might be wise to invest in technologies that make your company future-proof. Fortunately for you at Veuz Concepts, we help you future-proof your businesses with lasting I.T. solutions.  


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