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Events Module Odoo 15 Enterprise

Mar 9th 2024 Category : Odoo
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You will receive an all-in-one event management solution with Odoo 15 that can handle any kind of event. There would be no difficulties in managing or using this module.       

After selecting Create, complete the form by entering all necessary data. To have the Introduction, Location, and Register menus displayed on the website page for your event, enable the website menu. 

  • Go to Events  

  • Configuration 




You can now see the many ticket types you provide under the Ticket Tab. Provide the cost, the registration period's starting and ending dates, and the maximum number of tickets that can be sold. Selecting event tickets can be done by clicking the Add a Line option. The ticket for the event can be set up in Odoo as a product. You have to select Event Ticket as the product type when setting up the ticket. 
Communication Methods 


Choose the email message template as the frequency with which you would like to communicate with your attendees under the tab. 

A Line button can be added to Mail or SMS to set it for communication. Select an appropriate template for the email or SMS from the Template section. You can decide whether to send the email to participants immediately before the event, or a certain number of hours, weeks, or months beforehand. The Schedule Date and the amount of mail sent are also displayed on this page. 



Go to configuration – settings and enable Questions 

you can add the questions you want to your attendees and add the suggestion. For example, whether the attendees are veg or non-veg, there will be options for it. 

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