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What Is ManageEngine?

Zoho Corporation is the developer of the ManageEngine series of enterprise IT management software products. It provides an extensive range of tools designed to assist businesses in managing and monitoring many facets of their IT infrastructure. The goal of ManageEngine is to provide integrated solutions that simplify and streamline IT management tasks, allowing organizations to efficiently monitor, troubleshoot, and optimize their IT infrastructure.

Our Range Of Offerings

Discover how ManageEngine can help you optimize your IT environment

Identity and Access Management (IAM)

A whole range of Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions covering different facets of IAM and security is provided by ManageEngine. An overview of their IAM product line is provided below:

01. ADManager Plus
  • Active Directory, Microsoft 365, and Exchange management and reporting
  • Aids with management, reporting, and streamlining of Exchange, Microsoft 365, and Active Directory-related tasks.
02. ADAudit Plus
  • Real-time Active Directory, file, and Windows server change auditing
  • Tracks and evaluates changes in real-time for Windows file servers, Active Directory, and other Windows servers
03. ADSelfService Plus
  • Identity security with adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR), and Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Enhances identity security through adaptive MFA, self-service password reset, and SSO capabilities
04. Exchange Reporter Plus
  • Monitoring, auditing, and reporting for Skype and hybrid Exchange
  • Provides insights into your Exchange and Skype for Business environments with reporting and auditing capabilities.
05. RecoveryManager Plus
  • Active Directory, Microsoft 365, and Exchange backup and recovery
  • Provides Active Directory, Microsoft 365, and Exchange backup and recovery options
06. AD360
  • Workforce identity and access management for hybrid ecosystems
  • Offers identity and access management (IAM) solutions for hybrid environments with a focus on workforce identity
07. Identity360
  • A cloud-native identity platform for workforce IAM
  • A cloud-native identity platform intended to control workforce access and identity
08. M365 Manager Plus
  • Microsoft 365 management, reporting, and auditing
  • Helps manage, report, and audit activities related to Microsoft 365 services
09. PAM360
  • Total privileged access security for businesses
  • Provides businesses with all-inclusive privileged access management and security solutions
10. Password Manager Pro
  • Privileged password management
  • Manages and secures privileged passwords and provides password access control
11. Access Manager Plus
  • Secure remote access and privileged session management
  • Focuses on privileged session management and secure remote access
12. Key Manager Plus
  • SSH key and SSL/TLS certificate management
  • Manages SSH keys and SSL/TLS certificates to enhance security

All of these ManageEngine products address a variety of IAM and security requirements, including auditing, privileged access management, password management, Active Directory management, and access control. Companies can improve their overall security and compliance measures by selecting the products that best meet their needs.

Enterprise Service Management (ESM)

This solution is intended to support businesses in providing effective and standardized customer service across a range of business operations. Below is a summary of this product and its objectives

01. ServiceDesk Plus

Purpose:Enterprise full-stack service management

Description:An ITSM (IT service management) system called ServiceDesk Plus was created to help businesses in effectively providing IT services. It has features for asset management, change management, incident management, and problem management, among other things. The goal is to offer a complete solution for the delivery and maintenance of IT services.

02. SupportCenter Plus

Purpose:Customer support with built-in billing for businesses.

Description:SupportCenter Plus is a Customer Service Management solution that focuses on delivering efficient customer support. For businesses offering customer support services, it offers integrated billing functions along with features for managing customer interactions, ticketing, and case management.

03. AssetExplorers

Purpose:IT asset management with an integrated Configuration Management Database (CMDB).

Description:AssetExplorer is an IT Asset Management (ITAM) solution designed to help businesses in automating and centralizing the whole lifespan of their IT assets. It has functions for managing licenses, inventorying assets, managing software and hardware assets, and integrating with a Configuration Management Database (CMDB) to enhance asset tracking

Together, these technologies support the delivery of services across various business operations by enhancing productivity, optimizing workflows, and guaranteeing a consistent and satisfying user experience for IT teams, customers, and employees. These solutions give businesses the tools they need to meet their various requirements in an integrated and holistic way, whether those needs are related to managing IT services, providing customer support, or effectively handling IT assets.

Unified Endpoint Management and Security

Unified Endpoint Management and Security is a suite of products that collectively address various aspects of managing and securing endpoints within an organization. Here's a breakdown of the components within this suite and their purposes:

01. Endpoint Management

Purpose:Automate various asset management tasks such as patching, mobile device management (MDM), and OS deployment.

Description:In order to ensure that endpoints are properly maintained and configured, this component focuses on automating critical endpoint management operations, such as operating system deployment, software patching, mobile device management, and asset management.

02. Endpoint Security

Purpose:Prevent cyberattacks on all of your endpoints and browsers by taking proactive measures

Description:The goal of endpoint security is to defend browsers and endpoints (computers, mobile devices) against various online attacks. It has tools for mitigating, preventing, and detecting threats.

03. Endpoint Central

Purpose:Unified endpoint management and security.

Description:The goal of Endpoint Central is to offer a single platform for endpoint security and management. In order to provide effective management and protection of endpoints, it integrates a number of tools and solutions.

The individual products within this suite further elaborate on these functionalities:

01. Mobile Device Manager Plus

Provides complete mobile device management solutions to guarantee that mobile devices are securely managed, connected into the organization's IT environment, and operated efficiently.

02. Patch Manager Plus

Focuses on automated multi-OS patch management to keep operating systems and software applications up to date and secure.

03. Patch Connect Plus

Reduces vulnerabilities in commonly used software by automatically patching third-party software programs.

04. OS Deployer

This software streamlines the process of installing and maintaining standardized operating system environments by offering tools for OS imaging and deployment.

05. Remote Access Plus

Provides safe corporate remote access solutions that let employees access their work systems from a distance while upholding security and compliance

06. Vulnerability Manager Plus

Prioritizes and manages business vulnerabilities, ensuring that the most important security threats are dealt with as soon as possible.

07. Device Control Plus

Focuses on preventing data loss by controlling and managing data access via peripheral devices like USB drives.

08. Application Control Plus

Manages software applications and controls privileges on endpoints, enhancing security and compliance.

09. Browser Security Plus

Focuses on controlling and safeguarding web browsers on endpoints in order to defend against browser-based cyberattacks.

09. Endpoint DLP Plus

Provides advanced data loss prevention capabilities for endpoints, safeguarding sensitive data and preventing data breaches.

Together, these products help businesses in improving security, protecting against different types of cyberattacks, and streamlining endpoint management—all of which contribute to the overall effectiveness and security of their IT infrastructure.

IT Operations Management

Network and server performance monitoring, application performance monitoring, IT incident management, and a number of other features are all included in IT operations management. Here's an overview of the products within this suite and their respective purposes:

01. OpManager Plus

Purpose:Unified network, server, and application management.

Description:OpManager Plus provides a complete solution for controlling and enhancing the performance of servers, networks, and applications. It provides a centralized platform for tracking and resolving different IT operations issues.

02. OpManager

Purpose:Network performance monitoring.

Description:OpManager is a network performance monitoring tool that assists IT teams in locating and resolving network infrastructure and performance-related problems.

03. NetFlow Analyzer

Purpose:Bandwidth monitoring and traffic analysis.

Description:With the assistance of NetFlow Analyzer, businesses may optimize their use of networks by tracking and evaluating traffic patterns and network bandwidth.

04. Network Configuration Manager

Purpose:Network change and configuration management.

Description:Network Configuration Manager helps maintain network configurations and keeps track of modifications, making sure that configurations are compliant and safe.

06. Firewall Analyzer

Purpose:IP address and switch port management.

Description:OpUtils is used to manage switch ports and IP addresses efficiently, helping IT teams in properly maintaining network resources.

07. Applications Manager

Purpose:Server and application performance monitoring.

Description:Applications Manager is intended to keep an eye on and troubleshoot server and application performance to guarantee optimal operation.

08. Site24x7

Purpose:Full-stack monitoring for IT admins, DevOps, and SREs.

Description:Site Reliability Engineers (SREs), DevOps teams, and IT managers can count on Site24x7's full-stack monitoring to guarantee the functionality and accessibility of websites and applications.

09. DNS Management

Purpose:Manage DNS records securely.

Description:DNS Management tools are used to securely manage DNS records, ensuring that domain names are correctly resolved.

10. CloudDNS

Purpose:An all-in-one DNS management service to keep your business online.

Description:CloudDNS is an all-in-one DNS management service that helps businesses maintain their online presence reliably.

11. AlarmsOne

Purpose:Centralized IT alert management.

Description:With the help of AlarmsOne's centralized IT alert management, IT teams can effectively handle and address notifications and alerts.

12. Site24x7 StatusIQ

Purpose:Real-time status and incident communication using status pages.

Description:Site24x7 StatusIQ provides status pages for real-time communication of service and incident statuses to users and customers.

These products are designed to tackle various aspects of IT operations management. They facilitate the monitoring, management, and optimization of network, server, application performance, and related operations while guaranteeing the reliability and availability of IT services.

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

SIEMs, or Security Information and Event Management, are intended to help businesses in efficiently managing and safeguarding their IT infrastructure by identifying and responding to security threats and ensuring compliance. Below is a summary of the products in this suite along with their respective uses:

01. Log360

Purpose:Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) and Data Loss Prevention (DLP) features combined into a single SIEM solution

Description:Log360 provides a comprehensive SIEM solution with additional features like DLP and CASB to spot, investigate, and neutralize security threats while also ensuring compliance.

02. EventLog Analyzer

Purpose:Comprehensive log and IT compliance management.

Description:With an emphasis on log management and IT compliance, EventLog Analyzer offers tools for gathering, examining, and managing logs in order to guarantee compliance to security and legal standards.

03. Firewall Analyzer

Purpose:Firewall rule, configuration, and log management.

Description:By monitoring the network security, Firewall Analyzer is designed to manage firewall rules, configurations, and log data in order to improve security and compliance.

04. ADAudit Plusr

Purpose:Real-time Active Directory, file, and Windows server change auditing.

Description:To improve security and maintain compliance, ADAudit Plus provides real-time auditing of file systems, Windows server changes, and Active Directory.

05. SharePoint Manager Plus

Purpose:SharePoint reporting and auditing.

Description:SharePoint Manager Plus is used for reporting and auditing SharePoint environments, ensuring secure and compliant management of SharePoint resources.

06. M365 Security Plus

Purpose:Microsoft 365 security.

Description:M365 Security Plus helps businesses safeguard their cloud-based data and services by improving security within Microsoft 365 environments.

07. Cloud Security Plus

Purpose:Cloud security monitoring and analytics.

Description:To make sure that cloud-based resources are safe and compliant, Cloud Security Plus provides tools for monitoring and analyzing cloud security.

08. DataSecurity Plus

Purpose:File auditing, data leak prevention, and data risk assessment.

Description:With a focus on file auditing, preventing data leaks, and evaluating data-related risks, DataSecurity Plus helps businesses in safeguarding their sensitive data.

09. FileAnalysis

Purpose:File security and storage analysis.

Description:FileAnalysis provides tools for analyzing file security and storage, ensuring that files are stored securely and efficiently.

Together, these SIEM solutions support enterprises in proactively detecting and mitigating security risks, improving visibility into security events, maintaining compliance, and auditing various aspects of their IT infrastructure. They are crucial for enhancing security and guaranteeing that organizations can efficiently address security-related incidents.

Why Choose ManageEngine Solutions?

Comprehensive and easy IT management solutions!

01. Efficiency and Automation

ManageEngine solutions save time and resources by automating repetitive tasks and streamlining IT operations.

02. Strong Security

Protect your organization from cyber threats and vulnerabilities with comprehensive security features, including patch management, log analysis, and endpoint security.

03. Enhanced Productivity

Ensure system availability, deploy apps with ease, and optimize your IT infrastructure to boost productivity and maintain business continuity.

04. Compliance and Reporting

With ManageEngine's auditing and reporting features, you can effortlessly comply with industry standards and regulatory obligations.

05. Cost Savings

Reduce operational costs by efficiently managing your IT resources, optimizing asset utilization, and automating routine processes.

Our ManageEngine Services

Your trusted partner!
01. Implementation and Deployment

To minimize disruptions to every day operations, our experts will collaborate closely with your organization to develop, implement, and deploy ManageEngine solutions with ease.

02. Customization and Configuration

ManageEngine apps can be customized to match your particular business needs by optimizing settings and configurations for your use cases.

03. Training and Support

With our training programs, you can provide your IT team with the knowledge and abilities needed to optimize the value of ManageEngine solutions. We offer continuous support to quickly resolve any questions or problems.

04. Maintenance and Updates

By entrusting us with routine maintenance, upgrades, and performance enhancements, you can ensure the ongoing performance and security of your IT system.

05. Consulting and Advisory Services

Receive strategic guidance and recommendations from our expert consultants to help your organization to up-to-date on the ever-changing IT landscape.

The Veuz Advantage

Discover the difference in choosing us as your trusted ManageEngine service provider
01. Global Reach

With a presence in Saudi Arabia and beyond, we have the expertise to serve businesses worldwide, ensuring your global IT needs are met.

02. Expertise

Our team is made up of certified experts with a wealth of ManageEngine solution implementation and management experience.

03. Customer-Centric Approach

We give priority to your unique business requirements and offer customized solutions to help you achieve your objectives.

04. Reliability

You can rely on us to maintain the security and efficiency of your IT environment with our reliable services and assistance.

05. Efficiency

Our services streamline your IT processes, saving you time and valuable resources.

Focus on Your Business, We've Got Your IT Covered

As your reliable ManageEngine services partner, Veuz Concepts, can effectively unleash the power of your IT systems. Whether you're in Saudi Arabia or any other part of the world, we can help your business thrive in the dynamic world of IT management.

At Veuz Concepts, we're committed to making IT management easier and enhancing security so that, with ManageEngine Products, your business can thrive in the digital era. Get in touch with us right now to find out how our services can improve your IT operations.


1. What makes ManageEngine the best option for IT management?

ManageEngine is a renowned industry leader with a solid track record of providing reliable, user-friendly solutions to meet a range of IT requirements. The dedication to security, innovation, and customer satisfaction is what makes ManageEngine unique.

2. Are ManageEngine products suitable for my organization's size?

Of course! MangeEngine provides solutions to organizations of various sizes, from startups to large corporations. Products from ManageEngine can be scaled and customized to match your specific needs.

3. Can I try ManageEngine products before purchasing?

Yes, a majority of ManageEngine products include free trials so you can assess their fit for your company.

4. Is your customer support available when I need assistance?

Yes, we offer outstanding customer service to help you at every turn, from setup to maintenance and troubleshooting in the future.

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