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Odoo ERP

Empower your business with odoo.

What is Odoo ERP?

Odoo is an open-source ERP software suite offering a range of business applications like CRM, Sales, Purchase, accounting, inventory management, and more. Designed for flexibility, it allows modular implementation, making it suitable for enterprises of any size. With a user-friendly interface, integration capabilities, and customization options, Odoo supports scalability and can be deployed on the cloud or on-premises. Its open-source nature encourages community contributions, fostering ongoing development and enhancement.

Core Features

  • Comprehensive Suite of Applications
  • Modularity and Flexibility
  • Open Source and Customization
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Integration Capabilities
  • Scalability
  • Community and Enterprise Editions
  • Cloud and On-Premises Deployment

Businesses all over the world use Odoo ERP extensively to improve productivity, simplify operations, and obtain greater control over a variety of business process factors. Its adaptability and modularity make it a flexible solution for a wide range of businesses and sectors.

Unlock the full potential of your business with our comprehensive Odoo ERP services. At Veuz Concepts, we understand that successful businesses are built on the foundation of efficient enterprise resource planning. Our team of experienced Odoo specialists is committed to provide custom solutions that improve productivity, accelerate growth, and streamline your company's operations.

What We Provide

01. Implementation and Customization:

Our skilled team will guide you through a seamless Odoo ERP implementation process. We specialize in tailoring Odoo to meet your unique business requirements, ensuring that the ERP system aligns perfectly with your workflow.

02. Module Development:

Custom module development allows you to expand the capabilities of your Odoo ERP. Our developers can develop modules that meet your company needs, whether you require specialized functionality, integrations, or advancements.

03. Integration Services:

Integrate Odoo ERP with your current systems, such as CRM, e-commerce platforms, or third-party apps, to create a cohesive corporate environment. Across all of your business activities, our integration solutions guarantee seamless data flow and real-time collaboration.

04. Migration and Upgrades:

Keep up with the latest features and security updates. Our team ensures that there is as minimal disruption to your business as possible throughout the transition from legacy systems to Odoo. We also handle version upgrades to keep your ERP system up-to-date.

05. Training and Support:

Empower your team with comprehensive training programs designed to maximize their efficiency with Odoo ERP. We offer ongoing support to address any concerns, troubleshoot issues, and ensure your system runs smoothly.

06. Consulting Services:

Leverage our expertise in Odoo ERP consulting to identify the best strategies for optimizing your business processes. Our consultants work closely with you to understand your goals, challenges, and opportunities, providing actionable insights for growth.

The Veuz Advantage

01. Certified Odoo Partnership:

We maintain the highest levels of excellence and expertise as an official Odoo partner, making sure that our solutions follow Odoo's best practices.

02. Experienced Team:

We are well-versed in the complex needs of many business sectors thanks to our extensive experience in a variety of industries. We can customize Odoo ERP solutions to meet your individual requirements due to our industry-specific knowledge.

03. Custom Solutions:

We are aware that one size does not fit all. Our team customizes Odoo ERP solutions to perfectly match your business's goals and needs.

04. Scalability:

Our solutions are designed to grow with your business. Whether you're a small startup or a large enterprise, our Odoo ERP services adapt to your evolving needs.

05. Reliable Support:

Rest easy knowing that our dedicated support team is ready to assist you at every step. From implementation to ongoing maintenance, we're committed to ensuring your Odoo ERP system performs at its best.

06. Innovative Solutions:

With our Odoo ERP services, embrace innovation and keep your company at the forefront of technology by utilizing the newest features and updates.

07. Cost-Effective Solutions:

Not only is our Odoo ERP service efficient, but it's also affordable. We deliver high-quality solutions that maximize your ROI while minimizing total cost of ownership.

Odoo ERP Enterprise Vs Community Editions

Odoo is available in two main editions: the Community Edition (CE) and the Enterprise Edition (EE). The Community Edition is free and open source, while the Enterprise Edition offers additional features and support, typically targeted at larger enterprises, with a licensing fee.

The Enterprise Edition Features

01. Integrated Apps:

A range of integrated business applications, including those for manufacturing, accounting, HR, sales, CRM, and inventory, are offered by Odoo.

02. Advanced Accounting:

Improved accounting functions, such as multi-company support, budgeting, and advanced financial reporting.

03. E-commerce Integration:

Integrated e-commerce features for managing online sales and storefronts.

04. Marketing Automation:

Marketing automation, lead nurturing, and campaign management solutions.

05. Workflow Automation:

Tools for automation to improve workflows and business processes.

06. Inventory Management:

advanced features for inventory management, such as demand forecasting, order optimization, and real-time tracking.

07. Manufacturing:

Work centers, production planning, and bill of materials (BOM) are examples of tools used in manufacturing process management.

08. Human Resources:

Employee management, attendance monitoring, and performance review are examples of HR features.

The Community Edition Features

01. Modular Structure:

Since Odoo is modular, users can select and use just the modules that are necessary for running their businesses.

02. Customization:

Odoo users can modify it to meet their unique business needs. This includes changing workflows, adding or removing modules, and developing custom fields.

03. Integration:

Odoo facilitates integration with services and apps from third-parties. This makes it easier for data to move seamlessly between Odoo and other platforms.

04. Multi-language and Multi-currency Support:

Odoo is made to help organizations who deal with different currencies and operate across multiple languages.

05. Community Support:

As an open-source solution, Odoo benefits from a vibrant community. This community provides support through forums, documentation, and contributions to the software's development.

06. Scalability:

Odoo can scale with the growth of a business. Whether it's a small startup or a large enterprise, the modular structure allows organizations to expand their use of Odoo as needed.

07. Automation:

The platform provides automation tools to save manual labor and save time in business process optimization. This includes alerts, scheduled actions, and workflow automation.

Odoo Modules

01. Accounting - Streamlined accounting with Odoo ERP

The Odoo Accounting solution gives you powerful tools for easy bookkeeping, financial analysis, and compliance. It is made to fulfill the various demands of organizations. Numerous capabilities, including a double entry system, automated bookkeeping, real-time reporting, bank reconciliation, support for several currencies, tax compliance, secure access controls, and more are made available to you by this module. The accounting module of Odoo along with additional business features like sales, inventory, procurement, etc. This integrated strategy offers a comprehensive perspective of your business processes and improves collaboration.

With Odoo ERP, you can revolutionize your accounting procedures by combining accuracy and efficiency. Our Accounting module is made to fit your specific financial management requirements, regardless of the size of your company—from startups to large enterprises—promoting growth and sound financial management.

02. Invoicing - Effortless invoicing with Odoo ERP

A powerful tool created to simplify and accelerate the financial transaction process for businesses is the Odoo ERP Invoicing module. Its main goal is to make it easier to create, manage, and track invoices accurately and efficiently. The module easily connects to other crucial operational modules, such as POS, Field Services, E-commerce, Sales, and Accounting.

You can handle a variety of aspects of invoice generation, assign payment choices, allocate generated invoices, and configure a number of features to meet the operational standards of your business using the Odoo Invoicing module.

03. CRM - Elevate your customer relationships with Odoo CRM

Modern customer relationship management software like Odoo CRM is transforming how companies interact with their customers. Odoo CRM is a sales process optimization, collaboration enhancement, and growth-driven platform that enables organizations of all sizes to deliver exceptional customer experiences. Lead management, sales automation, pipeline management, follow-up and customer communication, mobile accessibility, customizable dashboards, complete reporting, and analytics are some of the key features.

04. Sales - Unlock seamless sales operations with Odoo Sales Module

The Odoo Sales module serves as the cornerstone for comprehensive sales management within your company. From crafting and sending sales quotations to detailing product information for customers, this module oversees all aspects of your sales operations.The Sales module is directly integrated with various aspects of Odoo ERP, including e-commerce, POS, invoicing, accounting, inventory, and purchase modules, ensuring a unified and streamlined business operation.

05. Purchase

Within the Odoo ERP ecosystem, Odoo Purchase is a powerful module devoted to streamlining the procurement process. This module offers extensive features to simplify and handle all aspects of the procurement lifecycle, from order fulfillment to requisition.

The Odoo Purchase module offers a powerful feature set to enhance and simplify procurement processes, including requisition management, vendor oversight, quotation handling, purchase order creation, seamless inventory integration, e-commerce collaboration, real-time order tracking, multi-level approval workflows, and effective budgeting with expense tracking.

06. Inventory

The inventory module of Odoo is a feature-rich solution designed to provide your business the tools it needs to efficiently manage inventory, maximize order fulfillment, and guarantee accuracy in every transaction. This module makes it easier to track inventory in real time, manage orders effectively, scan barcodes with ease, manage several warehouses, automate reordering, and keep meticulous track of batches and serial numbers. Odoo Inventory offers powerful reporting and analytics features, as well as a smooth interface with other Odoo modules, to help you improve your operations. Utilize Odoo Inventory to improve operational efficiency and take control of your stock management.

07. Website: Craft your online presence using Odoo website

The Website Module in Odoo is the first step towards giving organizations a strong and adaptable online presence. This module, which is seamlessly linked with the Odoo ERP system, gives users the ability to easily create, administer, and optimize their company website. With Odoo Website, you can showcase your portfolio, start an online store, or create an interesting blog all with ease thanks to its user-friendly website builder and powerful management features. The adjustable themes, drag-and-drop editing, and e-commerce connection of Odoo Website enable it to be tailored to a wide range of business requirements while maintaining a dynamic and professional online representation.

08. Ecommerce - Use Odoo E-commerce Module to boost your business

For businesses looking for a dynamic and effective online selling platform, Odoo's E-commerce Module is revolutionary. This module, which is seamlessly integrated into the Odoo ERP package, enables businesses to easily develop, customize, and manage their online storefronts. Odoo E-commerce guarantees a flawless end-to-end online shopping experience, from product listings and safe checkout procedures to order administration and client interactions. Businesses can easily reach a worldwide audience and drive online sales with features like real-time inventory updates, integrated payment methods, and responsive design options. With Odoo, you can combine creativity with practicality to create a dependable and scalable online retail solution.

09. POS - Effortless Retail Transactions with Odoo POS Module

With its simple and user-friendly solution, Odoo's Point of Sale (POS) Module transforms retail operations. This module, which is seamlessly integrated into the Odoo ERP system, turns any device into a flexible and effective point of sale terminal. Businesses can process transactions, manage inventory, and track sales in real-time with Odoo POS, regardless of whether they are restaurants, pop-up shops, or physical stores. Barcode scanning, easy order management, and safe payment processing are just a few of the features that make Odoo POS easier to use and better for customers overall.

10. Project - Drive Project Success with Odoo Project Management

The secret to effective and well-organized project management is Odoo's Project Module. This module, which is seamlessly integrated into the Odoo ERP environment, gives organizations the ability to precisely plan, carry out, and monitor projects. Project delivery is guaranteed by Odoo Project, which handles everything from resource management and real-time collaboration to job assignment and milestone monitoring. Through configurable processes, Gantt charts, and easy dashboards, teams can monitor project progress and make well-informed decisions. With Odoo, you can improve your project management skills by combining streamlined procedures with improved teamwork to ensure project success.

11. Manufacturing - Optimize Production Excellence with Odoo Manufacturing Module

Your strategic instrument for improving manufacturing operations is the Odoo Manufacturing Module. This module equips companies with an extensive range of tools to improve accuracy and efficiency, with the goal of optimizing the manufacturing lifecycle. Odoo Manufacturing offers a smooth and integrated solution for managing bill of materials and work orders, tracking inventories, and monitoring production schedules. Businesses can attain operational excellence in manufacturing with real-time analytics, automated procedures, and smooth departmental cooperation.

12. Timesheet - Efficient Time Tracking with Odoo Timesheet Module

The answer to efficient time management in your company is the Timesheet Module. Businesses can now precisely track and manage employee work hours thanks to this feature. Odoo Timesheet makes the process of recording and analyzing work hours easier, whether it is for project-based billing, client invoicing, or internal task tracking. Businesses can obtain an in-depth understanding of resource allocation and project timeframes with the help of intuitive reporting tools, adaptable project codes, and user-friendly interfaces.

13. Expenses

The secret to streamlining and improving the expense management procedure in your company is the expenses module. Employees can easily submit and track expenses with the use of this module's user-friendly platform. Odoo Expenses guarantees accuracy and transparency in everything from receipt capture and expenditure classification to real-time spending insights. Businesses can gain more control over expenses with features like customized expense categories, automatic approval workflows, and interaction with other Odoo modules.

14. Email Marketing - Emails Perfectioned For Your Marketing Needs

With customizable templates, this module gives businesses the ability to create effective email campaigns that guarantee a polished and customized communication strategy. The user-friendly interface of Odoo's Email Marketing Module makes it simple to create and modify templates for anything from newsletters to promotional emails. Using comprehensive monitoring options, you can keep an eye on the success of your campaigns and learn about open rates, click-through rates, and customer engagement. Odoo's Email Marketing Module is your secret to implementing effective and data-driven email marketing campaigns due to its advanced features and user-friendly design. Boost the reach of your communications and generate outcomes with this flexible module tailored to your business's unique needs.

15. Events

Odoo's Events Module is a comprehensive solution that is integrated into the Odoo ERP suite, enabling flawless event coordination. Businesses can easily plan, organize, and carry out successful events with the help of this module. With Odoo's user-friendly interface, you can easily create and modify event agendas, manage exhibitors, keep track of attendees, and highlight speakers. Advanced capabilities like barcode scanning and badge production are also included in the module, which streamlines the check-in procedure and increases event efficiency overall. Businesses can plan unique, well-run events with Odoo's Events Module, guaranteeing a flawless experience for both organizers and attendees.

16. Time Off

With the help of this module, employees can easily request, track, and manage their time off requests on an intuitive interface. The Odoo Time Off Module guarantees precise and transparent leave monitoring for all types of absences, including sick leave, vacation time, and other absences. Businesses can efficiently handle the time-off demands of their staff with features like automated approval workflows, real-time availability tracking, and simple request filing. Upgrade your HR procedures with Odoo, where strong functionality combines with a simple design to manage time off effectively and give your staff a harmonious work-life balance.

17. Recruitment

The key to simplifying your hiring procedures and assembling an outstanding team is the Recruitment Module. Businesses can simplify the entire recruitment lifecycle with the help of this module. A central platform for effective and organized hiring is offered by Odoo's Recruitment Module, which handles everything from job advertisements and application tracking to interview scheduling and feedback management. Businesses can attract, assess, and hire the best talent with features like candidate evaluations that are automated, job templates that are easily customized, and tools for smooth communication.

18. Appraisal

This module offers a thorough platform for workforce assessments and performance reviews. Odoo's Appraisal Module guarantees a clear and organized assessment process, from goal-setting and defining key performance indicators (KPI) to reviewing and offering feedback. Businesses can encourage employee growth and align individual goals with organizational objectives by utilizing tools such as goal tracking, self-assessment, and real-time performance statistics.

19. Subscriptions

For your company, the Subscription Module is the key to efficient and streamlined subscription management. A thorough framework for managing subscriptions—whether for goods or services—is offered by this module. The whole subscription lifetime is streamlined with Odoo's Subscription Module, which handles everything from subscription creation and client billing to automated renewals and customizable pricing schemes. Easily manage and optimize your subscription-based offers with features like real-time statistics, automated billing, and customizable plans.

20. Sign - Seamless Transition to Paperless Operations with Odoo's E-Sign Module

In addition to completely changing the way you sign documents, Odoo's E-Sign Module easily integrates with your business's eco-friendly efforts to eliminate paper use and cut waste. This module provides an environmentally beneficial way to sign documents electronically, doing away with the need for printed copies and using less paper. In addition, digital signatures can be set up, which improves the legitimacy of digital documents that are displayed on the site. The goal of Odoo's E-Sign Module is to help your business embrace sustainability and digitization in order to move toward a more ecologically conscious and greener future. It's not just about efficient document signing.

21. Maintenance

This module provides a comprehensive platform for planning, executing, and tracking maintenance activities. Odoo's Maintenance Module guarantees an efficient and proactive approach to asset upkeep, from work order administration and maintenance analytics to preventative maintenance scheduling and equipment tracking. You possess the capacity to establish preventative as well as predictive maintenance plans for the machinery and equipment used in business operations. Businesses can streamline their maintenance processes and reduce downtime with features like real-time status updates, automated maintenance alarms, and connectivity with other Odoo modules.

22. Quality

For handling quality control procedures throughout the course of the whole product lifecycle, this module offers an extensive platform. Odoo's Quality Module ensures that quality management is done in a systematic and efficient manner by setting quality control points, performing inspections, tracking non-conformities, and putting corrective actions into place. Enhanced quality control procedures and adherence to product standards can be achieved by enterprises through capabilities such as configurable inspection checklists, real-time quality alerts, and interaction with other Odoo modules.

23. Studio - Unleash Customization Power with Odoo's Studio Module

One of the most dynamic and highly customizable tools on the platform is Odoo's Studio Module. This module gives users the ability to not only design new apps but also alter current ones so they fit in perfectly with business processes without interfering with the Odoo ERP's consistent operation. Odoo's Studio Module has an easy-to-use interface that makes modification simple, whether you're creating a custom solution or customizing an existing application. With this powerful tool, businesses can embrace flexibility and adaptability, ensuring that their Odoo ERP evolves harmoniously with the evolving needs of the organization.

24. HelpDesk - Enhanced Customer Support with Odoo HelpDesk Module

Your best bet for improving problem solving and customer support is the HelpDesk Module. A centralized platform for effective ticketing, query management, and customer communication is offered by this module. Odoo HelpDesk guarantees a seamless customer support experience by managing case history, assigning tasks, recording support requests, and providing prompt responses. With features like automated ticket routing, knowledge base integration, and comprehensive reporting tools, businesses can enhance their support operations.

25. Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) - Optimize Product Journey with Odoo's PLM Module

The collaborative version control app that transforms the enhancement of bills of materials at every stage of production is Odoo's PLM Module. This module guarantees the improvement of bills of materials prior to, during, and after production and makes it easier to manage engineering changes. This module helps businesses to improve communication, streamline workflows, and keep control over the whole product lifetime. It does this by offering capabilities like version control, collaborative document sharing, and smooth interface with other Odoo modules.

26. Appointments

You can easily book and conduct meetings with your customers at their convenience by using the Odoo Appointments app. This module ensures flexibility in meeting arrangements by offering an easy-to-use platform for handling appointments. You can quickly and easily create availability, manage schedules, and send automated reminders with the Odoo Appointments app, which guarantees a smooth and effective scheduling process. Improve customer satisfaction by providing a simple means of communication for them to get in touch with your company.

27. Marketing Automation - Revolutionize your marketing strategy

All you need to do is set up an effective marketing automation system, then take a seat back and watch your success happen. This module's fully automated, intuitive, and self-sufficient workflows provide countless marketing opportunities. Discover the effectiveness of customized customer journeys, automated campaigns, and analytical analytics. With the help of this module, organizations can effortlessly generate leads, engage audiences, and drive conversions.

28. Documents

The Document Module is a perfect solution for easy and effective document management within your organization. This module offers a centralized platform that makes it simple to create, store, and share documents. A safe and well-organized repository for all of your files is guaranteed by Odoo Document, whether you use it for collaborative projects, version control, or document approval workflows. Businesses can streamline their document workflows and increase team productivity with features like access control, real-time collaboration, and connectivity with other Odoo modules. The Documents module of the Odoo ERP is a solid and helpful tool for your business as it moves toward a paperless workplace.

29. Field Service

Take charge of your field services setting and achieve your business's full potential with Odoo's Field Service Module. Easily manage onsite work, efficiently plan your team's schedule, and enjoy the convenience of integrated timesheets and invoices. With the help of this powerful planning tool, you can quickly navigate between different views according to your requirements. For example, you can use the map feature to strategically arrange appointments by location or the Gantt view to manage your team's tasks and obtain an understandable overview. With Odoo's integrated solutions, you can improve your field service business, uncover operational efficiencies, and get control over your field services setup. You are in control thanks to the mobile app, which offers complete appointment management capabilities, from worksheet completion to real-time stock updates.

30. Planning

The Planning Module in Odoo is the driving force behind more efficient scheduling and increased productivity in your company. This module simplifies your scheduling processes, allowing for seamless management of shifts and resources. Give your staff the ability to coordinate efficiently so that jobs are assigned and resources are used to their fullest potential. Beyond traditional scheduling, Odoo Planning offers an intuitive interface that improves teamwork and creates a more efficient work environment.

31. Rental

The Odoo Rental Module is a dynamic solution that has been carefully built to streamline the whole rental process. It will help you with increased efficiency in your rental operations. Odoo Rental provides your company with a full range of capabilities, from efficient reservation processing to careful inventory control, guaranteeing a flexible and efficient approach to rental management.

32. eLearning

A user-friendly learning management system, the eLearning Module was created to meet the demands of both instructors and students. This module simplifies the learning process by enabling smooth content uploads, real-time assessment of student progress evaluation, and ongoing engagement maintenance. Odoo eLearning guarantees an engaging and dynamic learning environment for both teachers and students. Odoo eLearning changes the way people learn with its simple tools for measuring progress and managing content.

33. Referrals - Accelerate Hiring Success

Use Odoo's Referrals Module to find a more effective way to achieve success with recruitment. Make better hires more quickly by employee recommendations. With the help of this module, you can reach out to your network of employees, making it easier to find and hire applicants that meet the requirements.

34. Approvals - Centralized Approval Management

Organize all of your requests and approvals in one location and say goodbye to disorganized processes. This module ensures that all requests are effectively kept and maintained in a centralized hub, simplifying the approval process. The Odoo Approvals Module gives you a thorough overview of all outstanding requests, which speeds up decision-making and improves organizational effectiveness.

35. Internet of Things (IoT)

This innovative module creates a network of smart, interconnected devices by seamlessly integrating IoT devices into your company procedures. With features like automation triggers and real-time data monitoring, Odoo's IoT Module helps businesses gain knowledge from data, make wise decisions, and improve operational effectiveness. Easily monitor and control IoT devices to build an efficient and adaptable ecosystem. By acting as a bridge to connect an array of external devices to the database, Odoo's IoT Module brings a new era of connection that is revolutionizing the way organizations function and prosper.

36. Surveys

With Odoo's Survey Module, you can take charge of your data collection and feedback processes. This module provides a user-friendly platform for customized survey creation, whether you're generating staff appraisals, marketing campaigns, feedback forms, or surveys that are exceptionally engaging. Unlock the power to quickly and easily obtain insightful information. With the help of Odoo's Survey Module, creating and analyzing surveys is made easier and more efficient, enabling businesses to base choices on thorough input.


1. What is Odoo ERP?

Odoo ERP is an open-source software suite offering a number of business applications, including inventory management, CRM, accounting, and more. It is appropriate for businesses of all sizes due to its flexibility, adaptability, and scalability.

2. What is module development, and how can Veuz Concepts help?

Odoo ERP's capabilities can be expanded through custom module development to meet specific business needs. Veuz Concepts develops modules for specialized functionality, integrations, or advancements.

3. What are the key features of Odoo ERP Enterprise Edition?

Advanced accounting, e-commerce integration, marketing automation, workflow automation, advanced inventory management, manufacturing tools, and HR features are some of the key features of the Enterprise Edition.

4. What are the key features of the Odoo CRM module?

Lead management, sales automation, pipeline management, customer communication and follow-up, mobile accessibility, customizable dashboards, reporting, and analytics are all some of the features included in the CRM module.

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