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Developing A Mobile App For Taxi Booking: A Comprehensive Guide

Apps like Uber and Lyft had established their presence across the world and were growing at an unmatched pace, powered by the rapid growth of technology. These mobile applications took the taxi industry by storm. Today, traveling without taxi booking apps is unimaginable.According to Bloomberg, Uber has a market share of 25% worldwide while Lyft enjoys dominance over around 8% of the industry.

Yet, there is room for competition and growth. AI & ML are progressing at an unparalleled pace, making this the right time to invest in on-demand application development. What better industry to choose than that of online taxi booking apps!

A custom taxi booking app development should consider features of major competitors and unique ideas that will persuade customers to move away from existing taxi booking apps. Let us explore the steps to ensure your custom taxi booking app development yields fruit.


Here tips from experts running mobile app development companies in the industry:


  • Market Research and Analysis


An app development requires a comprehensive market research and analysis of the industry. Use the opportunity to study customer behavior and preferences, features, development costs, technology required and the right mobile app development company to hire for expert taxi booking app development. It would also be the right time to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of competitors.


  • Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Your USP will be the trump card that will set you apart in the taxi booking app industry. Play your hand thoughtfully to reap maximum benefits out of this surprise element you provide. It could be the ease of navigation of the app, or the unique pricing you provide. Whatever it be, the USP decides the marketing strategy and branding of your taxi booking app. 


  • Technology Stack & Intuitive User Interface

It is important to choose the right tech stack for taxi booking app development. The technology stack you choose ensures that your app has all the necessary features for its successful functioning. The essential features include: 


  • Registration and Authentication for users and taxi drivers
  • Facility for quick search
  • Booking and Selection of transport
  • Options to access pricing information
  • Ease of connecting to drivers
  • Real time location tracking and sharing options
  • Inbuilt ride sharing facilities


Registration of users should be a quick process, but the app needs a well-placed mechanism to authenticate the taxi drivers in the taxi booking app. There should also be a robust and easy cancellation feature.

Expertise and familiarity with the tech stack for building a taxi booking app should be considered while choosing a mobile app development company to assist you in the process.

On demand application development, particularly a custom taxi booking app development, requires huge investments. Choosing a mobile app development company that can actualize your vision is of importance. They should be offering you scalability, optimal performance and security, while using languages like Swift or Java, or cross-platform foundations, such as React Native or Flutter.


Security and compliance should be a priority during custom taxi booking app development. Encryption protocols that ensure the privacy of sensitive user data should be incorporated forth with and maintained with regular audit and impromptu tests. Security is something you cannot compromise on. Ensure bug checks and updating at regular intervals to avoid issues.


Your tech stack for building a taxi booking app will decide on the features you can incorporate during development. Your app should ultimately be user-friendly, with intuitive navigation, and actionable options to book a ride without hesitation. It should offer multiple payment options to cater to a wider customer base.


Quality assurance tech stack for building a taxi booking app is necessary at the development stage. This ensures that you do not face issues during custom taxi booking app development. Your taxi booking app should be tested on both android and iOS for bugs, or performance issues that could prove costly in markets.  A comprehensive testing should be run with real users to get feedback on performance in different network conditions and OSs.


  • Launch and Marketing Strategy


You should use social media and email campaigns to push promotional videos and teasers ahead of launch.  App Store Optimization ensures that your taxi booking app ranks better in android & iOS app stores.


Marketing and branding are as important as taxi booking app development. Deciding on brand colors, taglines, figureheads, and social media influencer partners during custom taxi booking app development can assist in building a brand identity. Monitor customer reviews, feedback and enlist experts to analyze app performance continuously. Update your taxi booking app according to market trends, regularly.


There are some features that should be included to ensure your app provides the best customer service. These are:


    • App Support and Maintenance
    • Push Notifications
    • Loyalty programs    
    • Ratings and Reviews
    • 24*7 Customer Support via Chat, call and Email


Businesses require that you have an edge over your competitors and mold your taxi booking app into a highly preferred application among customers. Keep your mobile app development company in the loop to ensure that your competitor does not get ahead of you in terms of technology.




1. What is On-Demand Application development?

On demand application development refers to creating mobile apps that provide instant services within a specific industry, such as a taxi booking app.


2. What are some of the tech stacks you should use during the development stage for building a great taxi booking app? 

Tech stack can include languages like Java, Objective-Cor Kotlin, visual and responsive UIs and frameworks such as Flutter and React Native for cross platform development.


3. What are the benefits of taxi booking app development?

With sufficient investment in superior technology, market analysis and understanding of competitors, a taxi booking app development has great scope for revenue generation.


4. Which are some of the mobile taxi booking app development companies?

Prominent mobile app development companies include Jafton, OpenXcell, ValueCoders and GMTA Software Solution.


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