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Securing Endpoint: Protecting The Digital Infrastructure In Saudi Arabia

In the increasingly interconnected world, where everything and everyone is connected, endpoint security stands as a crucial guard against cyber attacks. The COVID era pushed more endpoints and users to the internet, and today we face a diverse array of risks from diverse endpoints like computers, smartphones, IoT devices, and Servers. The cyber risks vary from traditional malware and phishing attacks to new-gen ransomware, Crypto mining, and AI-driven attacks. The evolving threats often result in greater financial loss as well as data/privacy breaches to the organizations. As the level and nature of cyber threats evolve and amplify on a daily basis; a comprehensive endpoint security system has become imperative for organizations and companies. 


Endpoint Security in the context of Saudi Arabia

 KSA has been making rapid developments in terms of digital infrastructure in the past decade. With the announcement of Vision 2030 by the kingdom in 2016 and followed by the global trend of the COVID era, the Kingdom has witnessed huge developments in digital infrastructure including internet penetration, an increase in digitalization, and IoT devices. All the new initiatives in development such as Project Neom, promotion of tourism and hospitality, etc have been heavily dependent on cyber connectivity. In such a progress trajectory where network and connectivity play a vital role, the significance of endpoint security can't be left undiscussed. 


A whopping figure of 110 million cyber threats were detected in Saudi Arabia in 2022 alone (Trend Micro Annual Cybersecurity Report for 2022), which includes all of the major incidents like Data breaches, Ransomware, Malware attacks, Phishing, etc. Some of the major cyber-attacks reported on KSA are the following, King Saud University database Hack, Attack on the Virgin Mobile database and attackers selling the data on the dark web, Attack on the GlobMed healthcare system, Attack on Saudi Arabia Monetary Agency by Shamoon Malware. The list goes bigger if we consider the unreported small attacks as well. Many of these attacks could have been prevented if the organizations implemented and followed strict endpoint security policies.


How to choose the apt endpoint security for your organization?

Amidst this exponentially increasing cyber threat, it is equally important to choose the right solution for the protection of your organization. It is where we can help you, VEUZ offers implementation of the world's leading three endpoint security solutions in Saudi Arabia (KSA). We can help you assess your organization's network and suggest the appropriate endpoint security solution that meets your organizational requirements.


● Kaspersky Endpoint Security Implementation in Saudi Arabia (KSA)

Kaspersky is a leading endpoint security solution, Kaspersky’s cloud-based cybersecurity solutions can protect small to medium-level organizations from any advanced cyber attacks. It comes in three variants Endpoint Security Cloud, Cloud Plus, and Cloud Pro with varying features. VEUZ can help you assess, plan, and implement the suitable version of Kaspersky Endpoint security for your organization in Saudi Arabia.


● Symantec Endpoint Security implementation in Saudi Arabia (KSA)

VEUZ is a trusted and experienced implementation partner of Symantec Endpoint security in KSA. Symantec provides protection from major cyber attacks like ransomware, malware, and phishing attacks. Symantec offers two variants of their solution, Symantec Endpoint Security Enterprise and Symantec Endpoint Security Complete. VEUZ can help you determine and implement the right solution to protect the server to each endpoint of the organization. 


● Sophos Intercept X Endpoint Security implementation in Saudi Arabia (KSA)

Sophos endpoint security is a leading malware detection and exploit protection with an extended detection and response (XDR) system that can protect the entire network system of an organization. Being the trusted implementation partner of Sophos Intercept X Endpoint Security in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East region, VEUZ can help companies and organizations implement one of the most advanced threat detection systems available in the market.


VEUZ offers implementation and support services for these three major endpoint security services in Saudi Arabia. We don't believe in a one-size-fits-all solution, we can assess each organization's case and recommend the most personalized solution with continued support. Because we know security is a continuous process not just a one time commitment.



1. How has Saudi Arabia's digital infrastructure development contributed to the increased need for endpoint security? 

More interconnected devices and endpoints contribute more points of vulnerability for every organization. The recent push in Saudi digital infrastructure has contributed to more of such vulnerable points. 


2. Is endpoint security mandatory for organizations in Saudi Arabia in the present environment? 

Regardless of region, endpoint security is increasingly imperative for any organization that is using present-day computing devices and technology. And KAS is not an exception to it. 


3. Which three leading endpoint security solutions are available in Saudi Arabia? 

 Veuz Concepts offers three major endpoint security solutions in Saudi Arabia, they are : 

Sophos Intercept x 

Symantec endpoint protection

 Kaspersky endpoint security


4. How does VEUZ differentiate its approach to endpoint security solutions for organizations in Saudi Arabia?

We assess each organization's network requirements and suggest the apr solution for them. We can plan, implement, and provide continuous support for organizations in Saudi Arabia. 



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