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Top 5 E-learning Mobile Applications In India

India, as a developing nation, puts stress on the education of its younger generations. It is not surprising that we are only behind China and the USA in the number of successful start-ups emerging every year. EdTech is one such industry where start-ups are bringing out some of the best e-learning apps currently available for academic enthusiasts in India.


Online learning is a thriving field of technology which provides tuitions and learning assistance for anyone who requires it in any corner of the world. E-Learning mobile applications go a step further to eliminate the need for sophisticated tools for setting up a classroom. A mere smartphone, which everyone has in their pockets today, can be your classroom of convenience. The best e-learning apps in India allow you to learn French from a native French speaker in France or enlist the assistance of expert international tutors from the comfort of your home.


Here is a list of the top 5 E-Learning mobile applications available in India.



Vedantu is one of the leading e-learning solutions in India. It has a truly engaging mobile application designed by some of the best mobile app development companies. The learning management system of Vedantu assists in making learning fun and easy for students of all ages in India. It brings for you services of 500+ experienced online tutors from all over the globe on your screen. Vedantu ranks top among the best e-learning apps in India for its successful Edtech on-demand application development and has every necessary feature you would expect including audio and video interactive options and whiteboard tools.



merit nation has developed one of the best e-learning mobile applications for homework and exam assistance for students. They provide assistance in answering homework questions with the help of qualified and expert tutors. Flexible schedules, 24 *7 assistance and quality e-learning services through their mobile application are the promises of merit nation.




Unfold U has gained its place as one of the top five e-learning mobile applications in India by providing excellent learning management systems and services through their app. The mobile app development company that assisted in this particular particular on demand application development has done an amazing job in creating an app that caters to the needs of students with features such as discussion rooms for students, multiple language and syllabus options for Indian students, and competitive exam preparation assistance at your fingertips.




Unacademic rose to the list of the best e-learning mobile applications in India with its unique modes of learning. Its learning management system caters to the needs of students and professionals wanting to continue studies. Their courses offer everyone a chance to study the topic of their choice, at their own paces. Currently, as one of the best e-learning apps in India, their courses vary in the duration as well, so you can choose something that fits your schedule and the time you have at hand.




Offering more than 21,000 courses and topics such as web development, sciences, leadership, languages and variety of certifications, Udemy quickly rose to the top of the list among e-learning mobile applications in India. They focused on students and professionals who are focused on gaining practical knowledge or certifications for career progress. Their on-demand application as well as learning management systems development in India was something they designed from experience in their home market in the US. Hence, the mobile application development company they enlist for the app development are focused on optimizing the existing features of the Udemy app across the globe.


Above are some of the best e-learning applications in India, providing services from regular and self-study courses in every topic imaginable. Some of these e-learning applications have features incorporated to provide you the best learning experience possible. They have handpicked tutors from all over the globe to provide optimal assistance in whatever subject you choose to learn. Being some of the best e-learning apps in India, their learning management systems are perfected to perform best in any network condition or device.




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