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Employee Management In Odoo 15

Dec 5th 2023 Category : Odoo
Tags : Odoo  

Maintaining effective employee management is essential to an organization's or business's growth. Managing employees is a difficult task that demands greater consideration and care. Employee management is the primary goal of the Odoo 15 Employee module. Various innovative techniques for effective workforce management are included in the employee module. 


The image above shows the dashboard for the employee module, with a list of every employee.  

written down. 

The filtering page options will make it much easier for you to find the employed.  

The departments and sub-departments where the employees are stationed are options. 

The employees under each department will be displayed on the page when you click on it.  

You may easily and quickly access a large number of employees with the help of this tool. 

New Departments can be established via the module's Configuration tab. 

 The Departments page will open as seen below when you select the Departments option from the Configurations tab's drop menu. 

All of your departments will be displayed on this page 

 By clicking on any department to see its configuration; the department will open on the configuration page. 

 To establish a new department, click the CREATE button. 


to add a parent department. Add the department from the Parent Department field. The Manager field allows you to add the department manager. 

Use the SAVE button to save the Department's configurations after making changes.  

As seen below, the newly established Department will be available under the Employee module's Departments tab. 

These are not mandatory for the functioning of the Department in Odoo and are optional. 


All of your departments can be managed from here. To manage the personnel under the departments, click the personnel button. 

Advanced settings can be found by clicking the three dots adjacent to the Departments.  

As seen below, each department's real-time data and actions will be displayed alongside one another. 


You can view the most recent information on requests for time off and allocation. You are able to get current data on the departments, which include the percentage of absences.  

For further options, click the three dots adjacent to the Departments, as indicated below. 

 [Text Wrapping Break]The reports on timesheets, expenses, recruitments, attendance, time off, and appraisals are available for viewing. Select them to see it as it appears below.